Rally for Fair Rent

Yesterday, hundreds of tenants, members of community organizations and labour unions marched down Weston Road in York South-Weston to demand fair rent for all and stand in solidarity with striking tenants at 33 King and 22 John.

22 John St Joins Rent Strike

Tenants at 22 John Street have joined their neighours at 33 King St on rent strike against their common landlord DREAM.

Momentum is growing as we stand united against our corporate landlord. Dream's own financial filings show 50% of their rent is profit -- yet rents at 22 John Street continue to skyrocket without rent control. Tenants have received increases from 7 to 10% year-over-year since the building opened in 2018.

No more! When we stand together, we win!


CUPE Ontario Supports Striking Tenants

In an important act of solidarity, delegates to CUPE Ontario’s annual convention voted unanimously to support Toronto residents struggling with skyrocketing rents: they passed a resolution directing their union to make a financial contribution to a tenants’ group that is coordinating a rent strike against unreasonable rent increases in their buildings.

Many of the tenants on strike are CUPE members and we know that we share a common struggle with workers all over the province. Thank you for your support!

DONATE to the solidarity fund: www.tenantunion.ca/donate

Enough is Enough

Yesterday, tenants from York South-Weston joined friends and allies from across the province at Queen's Park.

From wages that aren’t keeping up, to sky-high housing costs, to longer and longer hospital wait times, Ontarians deserve better. On the one-year anniversary of Doug Ford’s re-election, we took to the streets to say: ‘enough is enough!’

Rent Strike: 33 King Street


As of June 1, 2023, hundreds of tenants at 33 King Street in York South-West are on rent strike. With participation from over half the building's tenants, this strike is an unfortunate but necessary step to put pressure on our landlord DREAM.

Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs) are being used by landlords all over the city to squeeze tenants and increase their profits. 33 King St is the building with the highest number of AGIs in the city of Toronto. To make things worse, tenants are being asked to pay more for less, because they haven’t had access to their pool or to their balconies for over a year despite paying for these amenities as part of their rent. Enough is enough!

33 King 2018 AGI Negotiations



The landlord of 33 King Street, Dream Unlimited, has agreed to have a meeting with the 33 King Tenant Association to negotiate the 2018 Above Guideline Rent Increase.

The meeting will be held tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30am over zoom. Although the meeting was scheduled last minute, we urge all of our neighbours affected by the 2018 AGI to tune into the meeting. We will be negotiating both the above guideline increase amount and potential repayment plans for any outstanding amounts. 

There are three ways you can tune into the meeting tomorrow (Friday June 10) at 9:30am

1. In-person

You can join your neighbours to watch the zoom meeting at 34 John Street in Studio 114. This is directly beside 33 King. You can take the alley way beside the fence along the train tracks and enter through the side door. The room is fully accessible.


2. By Zoom

This link will work beginning at 9:15am tomorrow (Friday June 10):



3. By Phone

This line will work beginning at 9:15am tomorrow (Friday June 10):

Dial: 647-558-0588

Meeting ID: 897 8401 3318


Please contact us if you have any questions, and remember - we're stronger together! 

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