Rent Strike: 33 King Street


As of June 1, 2023, hundreds of tenants at 33 King Street in York South-West are on rent strike. With participation from over half the building's tenants, this strike is an unfortunate but necessary step to put pressure on our landlord DREAM.

Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs) are being used by landlords all over the city to squeeze tenants and increase their profits. 33 King St is the building with the highest number of AGIs in the city of Toronto. To make things worse, tenants are being asked to pay more for less, because they haven’t had access to their pool or to their balconies for over a year despite paying for these amenities as part of their rent. Enough is enough!

Tenants have three demands for their landlord DREAM:
- withdraw the existing above guideline rent increases (AGIs)
- commit to no more AGIs in the building
- rent discount to compensate for loss of services (balconies, visitor parking, etc)

What does it mean?
We are collectively withholding (not paying) rent to protest the excessive rent increases and the loss of services in our building. Do not pay rent on June 1st, but save your rent for when the strike is over.

How do you join?
For tenants at 33 King St -- you join by withholding your rent on June 1st. If you have an automatic payment, call your bank to cancel it.

How long will this last?
Until the landlord agrees to meet our demands!
- withdrawal of all AGIs,
- commitment to no more AGIs in the future,
- rent discount for the loss of services in these years (pool, balconies, sauna).

Does this mean we don't have to pay rent?
We are withholding rent until the landlord agrees to our demands; once the strike is over we will repay the outstanding rent. This is a tactic to pressure the landlord; it is not free rent. Make sure you save the rent you would have paid.

I'm not a tenant at 33 King Street. How can I support?
- Donate to the strike fund:
- Follow our social accounts for updates: twitter, instagram, facebook
- We will have solidarity events in the near future and would love to see you

We have been blown away by the support from across the city!

Remember, we are stronger together and you are not alone!

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