Bring Back Fair Rent for All

Rents are skyrocketing in our communities, and they have consistently gone up above inflation for many years. Landlords are taking advantage of the loopholes in the law, that allow them to hike up rents to whatever they want when a tenant vacates their unit or when a tenant is living in a unit built after 2018. They can also raise rents above inflation whenever they do "capital" repairs. We need real rent control that protects tenants and keeps rents at pace with wages. We need to bring back fair rent for all tenants. 

We demand all levels of government take immediate measures to protect renters and bring back fair rent

  • Close the vacancy loophole. No more vacancy decontrol. Vacant units should go for the same rent as previous tenant. 
  • Close the new building loophole. Every tenant needs rent control. New buildings also need to be subject to the same rules. 
  • Close the "Above Guideline Increase" loophole. No more 'capital repairs' excuses. Landlords need to pay for repairs without asking for extra money from tenants. 

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