1440/1442 Lawrence Avenue West

August 15, 2020


Repair backlogs and pest infestation: 1440/1442 Lawrence Avenue West Tenant Association demands action

TORONTO – After month-long suspension of postal service due to pest infestation and broken elevators, the 1440/1442 Lawrence Ave W. Tenant Association demands that landlord, Barney River Investments, provide: 

  1. Immediate and regular pest and bed bug treatment for all units and common areas at no extra cost to tenants

  2. Immediate elevator repairs and regular elevator maintenance at no extra costs to tenants

  3. Hand sanitizer and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces in accordance with City of Toronto's COVID-19 health and safety measures for landlords at no extra costs to tenants

“COVID-19 has underscored the importance of a healthy, secure home: Barney River Investments has denied tenants of that right. This landlord needs to meet their obligations to tenants in order to resume postal service in the building.” says Chiara Padovani, Executive Member of the York South-Weston Tenant Union.

The Tenant Association has launched a petition in an effort to have their demands taken up by Barney River Investments.

This negligence comes while more than 6,000 Ontario tenants could face eviction for nonpayment of rent during COVID-19 and as the northwest end of Toronto, neighbourhoods that are predominantly racially-marginalized and low-income, are contracting COVID-19 at a higher rate than the rest of the city.



York South-Weston Tenant Union 
[email protected] 
Riley Peterson

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