Rent Strikers Protest Quayside sale to Dream Unlimited

Tenants on rent strike at 33 King St and 22 John St protest outside of Quayside Development site, set to be sold to Dream Unlimited who has been increasing their rents as high as 17% on housing previously built on public land.

Dream Unlimited is set to develop for-profit housing on public land known as the Quayside, but we know what happens when public land is given to a predatory landlord like Dream Unlimited -- it's what's happening at 22 John St right now.

Dream Unlimited is the owner and corporate landlord of 22 John St (and 33 King St), where hundreds of tenants have been on rent strike since June 1st protesting outrageous rent increases as high as 17% on previously public land.  Rather than coming to the table to negotiate these rent increases with tenants, Dream Unlimited is filing for mass evictions. 

Help us tell Waterfront Toronto NOT to do business with Dream Unlimited, and that public land is NOT for private profit!

We call on Waterfront Toronto to:

  • STOP the sale of 333 Lakeshore Blvd East (Quayside) to Dream Unlimited until the rent strike is resolved without evictions.
  • Make rent control a requirement of ALL housing built on public land in Quayside.

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Over a hundred tenants at 1440 and 1442 Lawrence Ave W have been on rent strike against Barney River Investments since October 1st. As the rent strike continues into its fifth month, tenants rallied outside of the Barney River property management office this afternoon and served notice that they will be filing against Barney River at the LTB for tenant rights abuses and serious breaches of their maintenance obligations. 

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