Hundreds of tenants at 33 King St and 22 John St in York South–Weston are now on a rent strike.

Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs) are being used by landlords all over the city to squeeze tenants and increase their profits. 33 King St is the building with the highest number of AGIs in the city of Toronto. To make things worse, tenants are being asked to pay more for less, because they haven’t had access to their pool or to their balconies for over a year despite paying for these amenities as part of their rent. 22 John St has no rent control or protection despite being built on public land with $10M of public funding. 

Enough is enough!

Tenants at have four demands for their landlord DREAM Unlimited:

  • withdrawal of existing AGI applications (2019 and 2021) at 33 King St
  • commitment to applying for no further AGIs at 33 King St
  • rent abatements due to loss of services, including the swimming pool, visitor's parking, balconies, and most recently, access to our units due to window repairs
  • abide by rent control at 22 John St


For Tenants

Some of you may have received emails or a phone call from the landlord about why you didn't pay rent. Don't be afraid! We were expecting this and it means we're gaining traction.

If you received an email, phone call, or notice about late payment of rent, please forward it or take a picture and send it to [email protected] so we can share with our legal team.

Make sure you save your rent, so you can repay it when the strike is over. Remember, we are stronger together and you are not alone!

For Supporters

Donate to the strike fund: go to in support. Any contribution helps

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